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We're in an era that moms crave to remember all the little details of their kids, technology is available 24×7, and we're always snapping photos of our kids with our phones.

What's missing from this interaction is that we — moms — are barely in the frame, let alone as a family of 4 (my case!). That's when a family photo session with a professional becomes something to crave for. Here are a few reasons why you should have it fulfilled.

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Congrats! your baby is about to turn 1 year old! Can you believe how fast time is flying by? I'm sure you can close your eyes and remember the day the baby arrived. All those feelings and excitement with welcoming a baby. You might have been too overwhelmed to schedule a Newborn photo session or you might be a milestone recording mom! Either way a cake smash is a gorgeous second chance to capture a unique milestone. Baby's 1st birthday happens once! 

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