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Fall Photo Sessions, the secret of breathtaking colors in mid September

Family Photography

New England offers the most stunning colors during Fall! The trees are breathtaking, the air is cool, and the mood is lovely! It makes for THE season to capture sweet family moments and create long lasting memories. Fall peak foliage is by far the busiest season for us photographers (yei! I LOVE IT), yet there is a hidden secret if you want to avoid the crowds and guarantee a spot with your favorite photographer... it's called EARLY-MID September!....

Fresh 48 newborn photography session - party of 5!

fresh 48 newborn session

What if I could tell you that you and your husband can just LIVE the moment, letting your emotions arise as you watch your daughters meeting each other for the very first time.  I understand! you want to remember and re-live this moment over and over, yet you also want to LIVE that moment without missing a second. Yes! That's why I'm there for you. 


What's the best season for family photos?

Family Photography

Every season as its perks. There's charm to all of them, and each offers a unique experience when it comes to gathering your family for a photo session.

There's no bad or good choices here. Just, whichever suits your family best. So let me give you the pros and cons of each for you to make up your mind.


Things that you must keep in mind if you want a family photo shoot

Family Photography

Deciding to have your family photo is the first step. Congrats!

However, timing is everything. When should it take place? Arranging for all to meet in a specific day and time sometimes is hard enough on a normal day.

Should it be indoors or outdoors? Posed or lifestyle? Should you time it for a specific event? What about the weather? What happens if someone can't make it?

Take note of all the things that you and your photographer need to manage to make this special moment happen.

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Your family photo is just a print away from becoming a lasting memory

professional printing

Congrats! You hired a professional photographer, you had a wonderful family photo shoot, got a breathtaking gallery with stunning photos, now what's next?

Believe it or not, most clients who hire and pay hundred of dollars in a session don't print a single photo. They become files uploaded in social media, yet the walls at home are craving for memories.

This is super common and the reason behind it is that there is little direction or guidance on what to do after the photos are delivered. In this blog I open your eyes to endless printing possibilities!

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Newborn Session, Party of 6!

pregnancy session, newborn session

Today I want to share with you what a Newborn Session gallery looks like when you have a big family. Meet this lovely tribe, 4 kids and 2 loving parents. Welcoming baby # 4 was a big celebration!

Family Photo Session trade with 'All The Little Stories' part II

Family Photography

An unexpected text from Libby - photographer behind All The Little Stories - arrived in May, will you trade a family session with me? My answer: it would be MY DREAM to have YOU photograph my family and MY HONOR to photograph yours. Today I'll share with you some of my favorite moments captured during her Spring session.

Family Photo Session trade with 'All The Little Stories' - part I

Family Photography

What if I told you that I walked in your shoes? Well, I did! I had my very own professional photography session with All The Little Stories. Libby and I became friends during our kids' ballet class, we would watch the girls dance while talked about our shared passion: PHOTOGRAPHY. I always looked forward to my Thursday's chats with Libby! Then one day she asked me my favorite question of all 2019: would you trade a family session with me? My immediate answer: it would be MY DREAM to have YOU photograph my family and MY HONOR to photograph yours.

My Top 5 pregnancy and/or newborn photographers in Boston

pregnancy session, newborn session

Hi! I'm so happy that you stopped by. Here I share with you who I admire the most and are key players in the family photography industry around Boston (from my personal point of view).

I hope this list helps you find the perfect photographer for you, someone who fits your style, vision, and budget.

Choosing between a lifestyle or a posed newborn session

newborn session

Congrats on your pregnancy or new baby! I'm so happy that you stopped by. You probably follow many photographers on Instagram and you've seen incredible images, but you can't tell what the difference between studio posed (also known as . props) and lifestyle photography is yet.

My goal is to demystify newborn photography in this sense. I hope this blog answers many of your questions!

How to choose between indoor and outdoor photo sessions?

pregnancy session, newborn session

All pregnant moms believe that if they've got a summer belly, then the photo session will automatically be outdoors. If it's a winter belly, then an indoor photo is required. Well, good news! Neither is the case.

The belly timing does not define the location. You do! I tell you about the pros and cons of each.

How to choose the photographer for your pregnancy or newborn session?

pregnancy session, newborn session

Congrats on your pregnancy or new baby! I'm so glad that you are looking to capture such essential life milestones. The journey of choosing the best photographer for YOU can be challenging, so I hope these tips are helpful.

When to schedule your pregnancy and newborn photo session?

pregnancy session, newborn session

Congrats on your pregnancy!! A lifetime of adventure is about to begin.

As a professional family photographer, there's one question I get asked very often: When is the best time to schedule my pregnancy and newborn sessions?

What to expect when you're planning a pregnancy and newborn photo session

pregnancy session, newborn session

Scheduling a pregnancy session can be challenging. After you’ve chosen your photographer (you thought that was the most complicated decision?) is usually when anxiety hits.

What should I wear? Will I look good? Will my kids behave? Can I get to see the photos before the baby arrives? I’m here to help you navigate your nerves and tell you that everything will be alright and it will be so worth it!

What items to wear in a pregnancy photo session? Here are 3 items you can't miss.


You'll probably already spent hours, and hours, looking at boards in Pinterest with ideas for maternity photo props. It can be overwhelming. I'll share my experience after personally going through a maternity photo session twice (as a mom-to-be) and try to make it a little easier for you. Here's 5 items you should wear in a maternity photo session:

Sharing my photography passion with you.... hop on board! :)

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