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I get it; you're browsing through Instagram and see all these cute portraits of kids smiling, having fun, and kissing mom. You want those memories too! Your kids are growing up too fast, maybe your daughter is about to lose her first tooth, and you want to remember that little face when she was 5 years old.

Yet, every time you try to take a photo of your kids, you get a fake smile, or the picture doesn't do justice to the memory you want to have for years to come. No worries! Let me tell you a few tricks we photographers master that will get your kids to smile at the camera and give that big laugh you dream about!

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The fact that you're reading this blog means that you have a desire deep in your heart to freeze time. We go through life in a hurry. We love our kids, yet we're mostly running on task, going off the script seems desirable yet sometimes so complicated.

A family photo session is an opportunity to do just that, to prioritize to slow down and dedicate time for memories. The photographer will facilitate the session, but it's your family's essence that will shine through. You'll get portraits of the most important people in your life with YOU in the frame; isn't that the best gift for a parent's heart ten years from now?

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We're in an era that moms crave to remember all the little details of their kids, technology is available 24×7, and we're always snapping photos of our kids with our phones.

What's missing from this interaction is that we — moms — are barely in the frame, let alone as a family of 4 (my case!). That's when a family photo session with a professional becomes something to crave for. Here are a few reasons why you should have it fulfilled.

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