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I'm Venezuelan mom of 2 beautiful girls married to my love-at-first sight husband.

Andre Toro Photography started in 2013 in Seattle, WA and relocated to Boston, MA in 2016. Here is my story.

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Your photos are awesome! After all the craziness, you and your family look all perfect, happy, and gorgeous! Your photo gallery is beautiful and you want to display your portraits for everyone to see the laughs, the hugs, the love. Ready to have them printed?

Wait, you say. I don't know how. What's my best option? Where should I print? What if my budget is limited? I answer these and other questions and more on printing. Keep on reading!

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Comparing professional photography styles and their pricing might be hard to understand. For the same “service” (family photo session) you can find high end photographers and quite the opposite.

Honestly, what you pay is what you get but, more importantly, it goes beyond photos: it's an experience. Let me walk you through how to compare values and decide on the photographer that fits your budget and your interests.

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Taking the time to invest in getting tangible memories of the life you're living right now as a family is a true gift for the future.

A professional photographer will facilitate these breathtaking MOMENTS, but it’s much more than taking photos. It’s a superpower that lets us do “portraits with a purpose” that might land a tear in your cheek as you look at your gallery.

But, what does a professional family photo session really entail? How much should it be? What's a fair price? To get to the answer, you first need to understand what an experience like this really entails. Let me walk you through the process with the photographer in the driver’s seat.

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