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What if I could tell you that you and your husband can just LIVE the moment, letting your emotions arise as you watch your daughters meeting each other for the very first time.  I understand! you want to remember and re-live this moment over and over, yet you also want to LIVE that moment without missing a second. Yes! That's why I'm there for you. 

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Every season has its perks. There's charm to all of them, and each offers a unique experience when it comes to gathering your family for a photo session.

There's no bad or good choices here. Just, whichever suits your family best. So let me give you the pros and cons of each for you to make up your mind.

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Deciding to have your family photo is the first step. Congrats!

However, timing is everything. When should it take place? Arranging for all to meet in a specific day and time sometimes is hard enough on a normal day.

Should it be indoors or outdoors? Posed or lifestyle? Should you time it for a specific event? What about the weather? What happens if someone can't make it?

Take note of all the things that you and your photographer need to manage to make this special moment happen.

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Congrats! You hired a professional photographer, you had a wonderful family photo shoot, got a breathtaking gallery with stunning photos, now what's next?

Believe it or not, most clients who hire and pay hundred of dollars in a session don't print a single photo. They become files uploaded in social media, yet the walls at home are craving for memories.

This is super common and the reason behind it is that there is little direction or guidance on what to do after the photos are delivered. In this blog I open your eyes to endless printing possibilities!

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