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What items to wear in a pregnancy photo session? Here are 3 items you can't miss.


You'll probably already spent hours, and hours, looking at boards in Pinterest with ideas for maternity photo props. It can be overwhelming. I'll share my experience after personally going through a maternity photo session twice (as a mom-to-be) and try to make it a little easier for you. Here's 5 items you should wear in a maternity photo session:

The Cost of a pregnancy photo session – 3 ways to get your husband on board.

I remember the first time Andre mentioned a maternity photo session. This is how it went:

My top 5 movies about Pregnancy

Hollywood has seen it's fair share of pregnant ladies on the big screen. I sometimes imagine how a maternity photo session would go for them. Next, my top 5 movies about Pregnancy... (perhaps you can watch during one of those sleepless nights when your baby just won't let you fall asleep)

5. Father of the bride part II

Steve Martin at his best. Wonder what happens when mother and daughter get pregnant at the same time? Then don't miss this one. I lost count of how many "false alarms" where in this movie but it beat ours (we were "only" two false alarms). 

4. Nine months


So... from a movie quality point of view this should show in no list. But from a top 5 movies about pregnancy point of view this is definitely a classic. No search you can conduct, no list you'll see where this one is not in there. Much like father of the bride there's a lot going on from the father point of view, and everytime Robin Williams shows on scene is just hilarious. My favorite when Samuel and Rebecca meet Dr. Kosevich. This was also Hugh Grant's first lead role in a US Movie.

Sharing my photography passion with you.... hop on board! :)

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