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Twins Photo Session - Autumn's best friends

Milestone Molly

I was beyond the moon with excitment about this photo session. I´m a twin myself, I love everything about twins, so being able to capture this sweet twins´memories was a dream come true.

Tutu Photo Shoot - Sofia's 18 months session

This session was so beautiful and simple. It all goes down to 3 things: gorgeous Sofia, a tutu, and the sweetest light. Sofia and her mom came to the studio without a specific agenda, mom just wanted to treasure her Little one at 1.5 years old. We spend time playing and showing Sofia tons of props, from stilettes to a tutu (her personal favorite). It was Sophia's call to make this a Tutu photo shoot.

Pregnancy photo session week 36 – Shelly's 36 weeks and counting!

This pregnancy photo session was one of a kind. I couldn’t have asked for better weather and a better belly. Seattle gave us a super sunny day in the middle of a rainy November. The mom-to-be was glowing with the cutest belly ever, 36 weeks and looking like a real charm!. She was a natural model, we had tons of fun!. We did some classic pregnancy pictures and then we just played around. Including this peek-a-boo sunset picture that I loved as soon as I saw it through the lens. It is one of those moments that as a photographer you were not looking to shoot and it just happened. It is actually one of my all-time personal favorites.


There is nothing cutter than a mom-to-be holding her belly. For me, it transmits a sense of protection and unconditional love. You can see in Shelly´s eyes and smile the

What items to wear in a pregnancy photo session? Here are 3 items you can't miss.


You'll probably already spent hours, and hours, looking at boards in Pinterest with ideas for maternity photo props. It can be overwhelming. I'll share my experience after personally going through a maternity photo session twice (as a mom-to-be) and try to make it a little easier for you. Here's 5 items you should wear in a maternity photo session:

Magic number: 3 reasons why 34 is the best week to do a pregnancy photo session

Not sure when to do your photo session? Feel your session is going to be early? or late?

A halfway decent professional pregnancy photographer will guide you on choosing somewhere between week 34-36 for your pregnancy photo session. Every pregnancy is different, every belly is different but, in 99% of cases, this week range is ideal and here is why:

The Cost of a pregnancy photo session – 3 ways to get your husband on board.

I remember the first time Andre mentioned a maternity photo session. This is how it went:

How soon should I worry about booking a maternity photo session?



When should I worry about booking my maternity session?

I'll give you a straightforward and direct answer: Second trimester. More precisely, week 20.


There are so many things to think about and plan for as a first time mom. From the nursery colors to the baby name, to the daycare waitlists,pediatricians, stroller AND photographer!.  So if I were to look back at tho

My top 5 movies about Pregnancy

Hollywood has seen it's fair share of pregnant ladies on the big screen. I sometimes imagine how a maternity photo session would go for them. Next, my top 5 movies about Pregnancy... (perhaps you can watch during one of those sleepless nights when your baby just won't let you fall asleep)

5. Father of the bride part II

Steve Martin at his best. Wonder what happens when mother and daughter get pregnant at the same time? Then don't miss this one. I lost count of how many "false alarms" where in this movie but it beat ours (we were "only" two false alarms). 

4. Nine months


So... from a movie quality point of view this should show in no list. But from a top 5 movies about pregnancy point of view this is definitely a classic. No search you can conduct, no list you'll see where this one is not in there. Much like father of the bride there's a lot going on from the father point of view, and everytime Robin Williams shows on scene is just hilarious. My favorite when Samuel and Rebecca meet Dr. Kosevich. This was also Hugh Grant's first lead role in a US Movie.

3 ways a maternity photo session with your husband will ruin the moment

I read yesterday an article about a family who paid tribute to the recently deceased father by adding him digitally to the photos in a maternity photo session. I think it was a  brilliant and moving idea and will for sure be a great memory for the entire family.

This has been the first example I've seen where the presence of the husband has not completely ruined a maternity photo session. I know, you want to keep him involved in the entire process and love him dearly (even though he got you pregnant and you haven't been able to eat sushi for 7 months). I will tell you why, in 99.9% of the cases, you should bring your husband to the photo session ONLY to help you carry your bags and sweaters and bring you water ocassionally. 

Here are 3 reasons a maternity photo session with your husband is a terrible idea...



Sharing my photographic journey with you.... hop on board! :)

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